We are a vision driven organization, and the key to fulfilling our vision is to add significant value to the customer. To meet this ambitious vision, we’ve invested first in our team, assembling an impressive array of experienced talent and provided them with state of the art technologies and equipment. We strive to provide high value-added, top quality, single-source fabrication for the air transportation, food service, and non-structural, non-ferrous architectural metal industries with short lead times.

We have numerous installations around the country featuring our best products, but the thing that we are most proud of building is the relationships we have with our customers, employees, and suppliers

Processing material:

Brass & Copper Alloy, Stainless steel

Machining Facility:

  • Extrusion Press
  • Convectional Turning Machine
  • Automatic Lathe Machine
  • CNC Machine
  • Forging Machine
  • Convectional Cutting M/c
  • Trub Machine
  • Draw Bench Vertical & Horizontal Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Slotting Machine
  • Rotary Index Machine Fully-Automatic

Processing Expertise in:

Precision Brass Turned components as per client’s requirement.

Additional Scope of Work:

Complete assembly with Plastics and Rubber Parts


  • As per international standard for EXPORT.
  • As per customer’s requirement.

Any Kind of brass products can be developed as per Client’s Requirement and specifications.