Copper Bonded Earth Rods

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Copper Bonded Earthing Rods. They are made by molecularly bonded 99.99% pure high conductivity copper into a carbon steel core.These rods are widely used Grounding electrodes that are easy to install, safe, durable and reliable.

Material: Copper / Carbon Steel


  • Power generators.
  • Transmission and power generators
  • CNC Machines.

Copper Bonded Grounding Rod Features: –

  • Copper Bonded Grounding Rod, Copper purity is 99.95%.
  • Corrosion resistance while providing tee lowest resistance to ground.
  • Copper Bonded Ground Rods are more effective than Galvanized Ground Rods
  • These products are available at the most affordable rates to our clients
  • Unbreakable and easy to install
  • Free from maintenance hazards and long lasting

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