Ground ClampsGround Rod Clamps Bronze pipe clamps Gunmetal earthing clamps Grounding clamps direct burial U/L listed Direct Burial Earth Clamps Direct Burial Grounding Clamps Ground Rod Clamps Ground Pipe Clamps to be used with armored ground wire for direct burial


  • Manufactured from High Strength High Conductivity Cast Copper Alloy bronze Alloy Aluminium bronze Gunmetal Alloy.
  • Stainless Steel machine screws for direct burial.
  • Used to ground Armored or Unarmored wire to Water Pipe, Copper Tubing and Ground Rod.
  • Heavy duty Internal Serrations for improved clamping and overall earth contact integrity.
  • Standard collar and Special Pressure Bar grips Cable Insulation to decrease chances of conductors pulling out.
  • Provides Maximum Conductivity & strength.

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