Lattice Copper Earth Plate

Satish Enterprise manufactures, exports and supplies Lattice Copper Earth Mats are utilized where step potential could bring about issues. They are a lower cost alternative to the strong plates and when utilized with Bentonite, they give a durable earth arrangement. For the most part utilized as an anode where noteworthy measures of shortcoming current can be experienced.

Lattice copper earth plates are usually used in situations where its very difficult to knock earth rods into the ground. The plates are usually placed a meter in the ground and because of the surface area will usually generate good readings.

  • Lattice copper earth mats are used where step potential could cause problems.
  • They are a lower price option to the solid plates and once used with Bentonite, they
    provide a long lasting earth solution.
  • Generally used as an electrode wherever significant amounts of fault current will be

Material – Copper

Size Product Code
600 x 600 x 3 SE-LCEP-63
500 x 500 x 3 SE-LCEP -53
900 x 900 x 3 SE-LCEP -93

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