Solid Copper Earth Rods

We are leading manufacturers & exporter, supplier Solid copper earth rods in Jamnagar, India. These earth rods installed where extremely high corrosion resistance and exceptionally long life are required, generally used where soil conditions are much aggressive, i.e. areas with high levels of salt content.

Solid Copper Earth Rods are formulated in two particular manner- Externally threaded and internally threaded. These earth rods are made from hard drawn high conductivity copper to BS2874 C101.

  • Earthmet supply all sizes of Solid Copper Earth Rod.
  • Copper earth rod are an effective earthing for structural and lightning protection.
  • Solid copper rods offer greater resistance to corrosion and are ideally used in applicationswhere soil conditions are very aggressive, such as soils with high salt content.

Material: Copper

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